Kysa Johnson, ‘blow up 293 - the long goodbye (hello, hello) - subatomic decay patterns and a newborn star embedded in the L1551 cloud’, 2016, Morgan Lehman Gallery

About Kysa Johnson

In her own words, the work of multimedia artist Kysa Johnson “explores patterns in nature that exist at the extremes of scale,” or realities “invisible to the naked eye.” Johnson’s compositions are based on visualizations of the macro- and microscopic, though their sources are not immediately apparent. What look like lush still lifes and landscapes might actually be depictions of diseases and their cures, maps of the universe, or molecular structures. In one of her wittiest series, Johnson recreates historic and iconic paintings of the Virgin Mary using drawings of budding yeast, in an ongoing series she refers to as “Immaculate Conception / Asexual Reproduction”. Johnson has also created a number of site-specific installations depicting landscapes; in each case, the work’s composition is based on imagery from the area in which the site is located.

American, b. 1974, Evanston, Illinois, based in Brooklyn, New York