Lajos Kassák, ‘Décor de Scène (Set Design)’, 1926, Galerie Le Minotaure

Signature: Signed on the lower right and countersigned on the reverse.

Budapest 1967, Galerie Adolf Fényes, Architecture de l’image, illustrated board Tokyo 1968, Goethe Institut, Dada
Berlin 2011, Berlinische Galerie, Lajos Kassàk ‒ Ambassador of the Avant-Garde Tel Aviv 2013, Momentum, curator Marie Shek

Galleria del Levante, Munich, Ungarische Avantgarde 1909-1930, catalog of the exhibition, reproduced section dokumentation
Bori-Körner, Kassák, Budapest, 1967, illustrated p. 127
Carl László, MA Kassak, Edition Panderma, Basel, 1968, illustrated p. 122 (dated here in 1924)

About Lajos Kassák

Hungarian, 1887-1967, Ersekujvár, Hungary, based in Budapest, Hungary