Lard Buurman, ‘Huaxi Lu, Guiyang. China’, Museum of African Design (MOAD)

Artist's Statement
The image ‘Huaxi Lu, Guiyang, China’, shows a scène of rural culture in an urban setting. It is part of my serie ‘Peoples Republic of China’. This image triggered my fascination for the urbanisation in the second and third world and made me start my project about African cities. In this project I focus on the daily street life and I research the different areas of the city, from inner city to suburbs. In the months July, August and September 2011, I was staying as a residency-artist in Main Street Life to work on my current project. This image is a gift as a token of thanks for the great time I had and the good support of lots of people involved with Main Street Life.

Image rights: Photographer: Louis Grobler Artwork copyright holder:

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