Larry Lewis, ‘Untitled (Pink double)’, ca. 1970, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery

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Larry Lewis was born in 1919, he took art classes in his youth and exhibited his paintings in the 1950s with some limited success, but for reasons unknown he withdrew from the art world. Married to a nurse, he lived in Norwalk, Connecticut where he made his living as a secretary at United Oil Products. But he did not stop making art. From the 1960s until almost his death in 2004, Lewis worked on a series of extraordinary hand-painted scrapbooks made out of collages of photocopied pictures of Hollywood divas, Victoriana, newspaper advertisements, product labels, and favorite works of art. But over those four decades he hardly showed the work to anyone, and he left behind no written explanation of what it was all about. As was the case with the acclaimed self-taught artist Henry Darger, the artistic career of Larry Lewis was not discovered until after his death. Lewis worked as a corporate secretary until his retirement. His estate, which includes a trove of brilliantly tinted collages and surrealistically compiled collage books, was discovered by his niece after his death in 2004.

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Larry Lewis Patent Medicine
Raw Vision Magazine #84 2014/15
pages 28-33
Discovered Masterworks: the extraordinary collages of Larry Lewis - Jonathan Weinberg

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