Lars Strandh, ‘Untitled 1301 (cobalt)’, 2013, Renate Bender

Lars Strandh was born in 1961 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He lives and works in Oslo, Norway since 1984.

The primarily monochromatic pictures of the Swedish artist Lars Strandh can be seen in the tradition of those monochromatic artists who investigate the nature of colour and its presence/appearance. With Strandh it is his characteristic style of brush stroke – precise, always drawn horizontally over the mounted linen canvas – that generates before the eyes of the viewer the oscillation of lines that are often applied almost tone-in-tone. These pictures appear simple although they are painted with such great precision. They appear monochromatic from a distance and yet are comprised of many finely drawn brush strokes. They are quiet pictures and invite the viewer to contemplate. But if they are not painted in deep, dark blue-black tones but surprise us with fresh reds or very light blue tones, they can also be lively. Lars Strandh’s pictures are simple and beautiful.

Image rights: Lars Strandh

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