Latifa Echakhch, ‘Untitled VXI’, 2000-2014, Arsenal Contemporary

About Latifa Echakhch

Born in Morocco and raised in France, Latifa Echakhch mines cultural stereotypes as subject matter for her work. By deconstructing and re-presenting materials associated with Morocco and France, Echakhch creates sharp-witted installations that challenge cultural assumptions. In Untitled (Gunpowder) (2008) she created a black border by throwing gunpowder tea at a wall, simultaneously referencing war and the popularity of tea in Morocco. In Untitled I – V (2010), she covered canvases with carbon paper, which was used to make copies of revolutionary texts in France in the 1960s and ’70s. Echakhch won the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2013.

Moroccan-French, b. 1974, El Khnansa, Morocco, based in Paris, France; Martigny, Switzerland