laura beaumont, ‘The Children's Life of Christ’, 2016, Gallery Different

Laura Beaumont works in series. Each piece is unique but she will work on a series of up to 10 sculptures using the same book title. Each piece has a story which is integral to the piece:

When I was a child I used to read stories about Noddy, Rupert the Bear and the Famous Five. Children who would go off on adventures, exploring unknown lands, facing danger and thwarting whatever baddies stood in their way. But at the end of the day when all the adventuring was over, they would be back in time for tea, safe in the warmth and comfort of their home and family.

The loss of innocence is often seen as an integral part of coming of age, an experience or period within a child’s life that widens their awareness of evil, pain or suffering in the world around them. But for many children this comes too soon. For them, there is no tea. There is no home. There is no family. There is no childhood. Facing danger isn’t just part of a story they read – it’s their everyday reality.

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Image rights: Artist and Gallery Different

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