laura beaumont, ‘The Water-Babies’, 2017, Gallery Different

Laura Beaumont works in series. Each piece is unique but she will work on a series of up to 10 sculptures using the same book title. This piece is sold, but another version in the series can be ordered. Each piece has a story which is integral to the piece:

Anna had never met anyone like Mr Jones before. He was handsome, strong, romantic and funny. He told her that she had a face like sunshine and he had never known true love until now. She told him that his voice had melted her heart and she had never been so comfortable with another living soul in the whole of her life. And as they rowed off into the sunset, they vowed that as long as they were together, there would never be any secrets.

But there will always be secrets.

Signature: Signed verso

Image rights: Artist and Gallery Different

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