Laura Owens, ‘Detail of Untitled’, 2014, Whitney Museum of American Art

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; purchase with funds from Jonathan Sobel 2014.281a-e

Image rights: © Laura Owens

About Laura Owens

Laura Owens’ paintings, which have run the gamut from abstraction and landscape to figuration, demonstrate a shrewd awareness of form, color, and line. Her work is recognizable from its Pop color palette and deep sense of experimentation. “I often refer to myself as being in perpetual student mode, teaching myself to make the painting I want to make,” Owens has said. Her paintings convey a profound sense of history, recalling figures such as Mary Heilmann and stalwarts of Modernism, but they shy away from grandiloquence. Writing on Owens’ navigation between genres as diverse as folk, conceptual, and classical painting, Paul Schimmel said, “Owens has found a language that questions the nature of painting while embracing its multifarious manifestations.” Likewise, her careful technique is balanced by an ability to express an unburdened, even joyful, sense of experimentation in her canvases.

American, b. 1970