Laurence Owen, ‘Language Bouncing Off the Artifact’, 2016, Whitechapel Gallery Benefit Auction 2017

Laurence Owen uses painting and ceramics to explore the phenomenological play between representation of the psyche and the representation of the world. Language Bouncing Off the Artifact was previously exhibited in Channel Synthesis at Evelyn Yard in June 2016, where Owen installed 27 paintings embedded into the floor, so subverting usual channels of perception.
Courtesy of Whitechapel Gallery

Signature: Signed on verso

Image rights: Courtesy the artist

Evelyn Yard, 2016

About Laurence Owen

Interested in the fragmentary and suggestive, Laurence Owen pulls from art history, literature, music, contemporary culture, and everyday life to create paintings and ceramics filled with an ambiguous assortment of abstract marks and semi-figurative images. As he describes, “I’m interested in the fragmentation of different sources from many different elements in art, life, landscape and music, and in trying to construct them together in a false environment…I think this practice creates a kind of surreal yet familiar realm.” Some of his paintings feature otherworldly scenes, often incorporating references to faces, human figures, and landscapes; others are composed of collections of soft-edged shapes and passages of color, rendered with expressive, gestural brushstrokes. Owen’s variously shaped and richly colored ceramic vessels are also often adorned with faces and figures, ranging from mask-like to emoticon-inspired.

British, b. 1984

Solo Shows

Evelyn Yard, 
Channel Synthesis

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London ,
Coates & Scarry, 
Rook & Raven, 
Laurence Owen & Vivien Zhang