Laurent Grasso, ‘Zechariah's Vision’, 2017, Olivier Malingue
Laurent Grasso, ‘Zechariah's Vision’, 2017, Olivier Malingue

Directly inspired by an unusual representation of a 17th-century Vision of Zechariah by Ambroise Crozat, this rock-shaped sculpture features seven single eyes. Set in stone, they seem to scrutinise the viewer like the hundred eyes of Argos. This massive and strange stone calls to mind certain paintings by Magritte that represent a levitating rock.

Image rights: Photo: David Bertolaso

London, Olivier Malingue, Laurent Grasso: The Panoptes Project, 4 October - 9 December 2017

About Laurent Grasso

Laurent Grasso creates immersive installations that address science, fears, contemporary mythologies, and the unknowable using video, sculpture, painting, and archival photography. His “Uraniborg” labyrinth installation employs celestial observation as a lens through which to capture the relationships between Tycho Brahe’s Uraniborg observatory, videos from the funeral of Pope John Paul II, Renaissance-inspired paintings, and neon lights in the shape of a star cluster discovered by Galileo, among others. Seeking to produce an unsettling experience that leads his audience to feel lost and question what they know, Grasso aims to “create spaces that [suggest] another temporality.” Surreal and ambiguous, yet not entirely out of the realm of possibility, Grasso’s installations are at once a timeless and comprehensive synthesis of the past, present, and future.

French, b. 1972, Mulhouse, France, based in New York & Paris