Lawrence Fodor, ‘Koan Blue-200603’, 2005-2006, Bentley Gallery

Signature: signature, title, year, and medium on back

About Lawrence Fodor

For over 30 years, painter and Process artist Lawrence Fodor has used abstraction to share a highly personal and meditative process of painting. Fodor says, “through painting I am able to access and unlock or decipher the most profound personal experiences initiated by the catalyst of intellectual pursuit and translated by my vocabulary with paint, which ultimately provides my most fitting and useful means of communication”. He is fascinated by the technical aspects of painting: priming a canvas, mixing color, making marks, scraping the canvas, and cleaning his brushes and palette knives. Fodor lines the floors of the walls against which he paints with cigar boxes that catch dripping and scraped paint as he moves from painting to painting. The boxes act as a recording device for the spontaneous changes that the canvases above them undergo.

American, b. 1951, California