Lawrence Lemaoana, ‘Ilifa Lezithuta’, 2018, Afronova

We! sizwe sakithi

We! qaphelani lumkani

Isintu sithi

Isintu sakudala

Ilifa lezithutha (lezithutha bo)

Lidliwa ngabahlakaniphileyo

Ilifa lezithutha (lezithutha bo)

Lidliwa ngabahlakaniphileyo

In 1992, Letta Mbulu released a musical album title Not yet UHURU , her first in South Africa after exile. In the song not yet UHURU, Mbulu poetically sings: according to old wisdom, the wealth of fools will be enjoyed by the wise.

The words ambiguously function as a rebuttal to the the fantasy that newly gained freedom for the majority of black South Africans but also as cautionary tale to foolishness.

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