Le Diamantaire, ‘Skylab’, 2015, Wide Painting
Le Diamantaire, ‘Skylab’, 2015, Wide Painting
Le Diamantaire, ‘Skylab’, 2015, Wide Painting

Series: Diamonds Are Forever, season II

Signature: On the back of the sculpture

Image rights: © Le Diamantaire. Photo © Wide Painting (Aatish Basanta)

"Diamonds Are Forever", season II exhibition in 2015 located at Wide Painting, Paris.

Street-artist, Le Diamantaire scatters diamonds across the walls of the big cities of the World. These diamonds are produced from glass fragments recovered from the street and reworked by the hand of the artist. Returned to the streets, they are reborn in the form of diamonds. These creations, which sparkle, catch our eye. They also instigate envy, as each diamond placed in the street is a signed and numbered work by the artist. We will therefore feel a subconscious desire to possess the glass which we had disposed of. By giving a second life to the elements, Le Diamantaire raises questions about the value we attach to the things which surround us. From the ephemeral of the usual to the eternity of the work, it is our perception of everyday materials that evolves. A reflection which also addresses human worth in society as the street is reflected in the mirrors of the diamonds. The shadows and movements which shine as reflections are our values, the components of the energy of the city. From the street to the gallery, the diamonds become wall sculptures. The artist plays with materials and their installation in spaces, preserving the street art spirit in these works since he mainly uses raw elements which he retrieves and retransforms. The dynamism of the street then invites itself indoors onto the walls where these works are exhibited.


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