Leah Oates, ‘Transitory Space, Newfoundland, Canada, Rene Mill 11’, 2008-2009, Susan Eley Fine Art

About Leah Oates

In her poetic depictions of transitory spaces, photographer Leah Oates captures abandoned and overlooked sites, such as trash piles and alleyways, in a poignant statement on the perpetually evolving state of human existence. Since her childhood in New England, Oates has felt a personal connection with the industrial, working class, and the undesirable areas she was surrounded by as a child. Through her process, which involves taking multiple exposures on a single negative, Oates captures the changing energy and ever-present state of flux that is often overlooked in empty spaces. She has traveled throughout the United States and to international destinations as diverse as Bejing, Finland, and Newfoundland, representing and comparing the universal beauty of the landscape and the ephemeral nature of the manmade environment.

American, Boston, Massachusetts, based in Brooklyn, New York