Leda Catunda, ‘Circles from Projeto Night Club’, 2014, Paragon

Signature: Signed, titled and dated by the artist on the front and numbered on the reverse

Publisher: Paragon

About Leda Catunda

Leda Catunda explores the boundary between painting and object in tactile, abstract wall works that incorporate textiles and often resemble organic forms. Interested in painting that transcends the picture plane and showcases its materiality, Catunda creates large-scale works composed of unusual fabrics, which she lays over the canvas and applies paint to. Cerebro (2008), made from acrylic on printed voile and red velvet, evokes a giant cellular network, while Siameses (1998) comprises two adjoined canvases covered in layers of variously colored, painted textiles in wave formations. In past works, Catunda has applied paint to industrial materials and domestic ones, such as towels, blankets, and mattresses. She studied under Regina Silveira and Julio Plaza, among other artists.

Brazilian, b. 1961, São Paulo, Brazil, based in São Paulo, Brazil