Lee Du Ploy, ‘The Surprise ’, 2016, Blue Lotus Gallery

Each painting accompanies with a short story written by Lee du Ploy, please request about the story through email. Lee's book The Glass Facade is also available upon request.

Mental illness can be caused by genetic heritage or the wrong chemistry in the brain. But often it is thrown upon us as a reaction to deep trauma and pure tragedy. Bad things happen. We can't always avoid and protect ourselves from the hardship that life intends to dump on us. And we all react very differently.

This is what intrigues Lee do Ploy the most. He muses on it in his writing by describing various encounters with patients each reacting their own unique mentally troubled way to bestowed misfortune and deep distress. His writing is clear and non-judgemental. It’s almost scary how he makes the worst mental inflictions seem normal, as if it could happen to ourselves tomorrow. As he says: 'Its never easy to hear harrowing tales of how life went wrong. I was always struck not by how different, but how much alike we are. Language and attitudes may change but invariably the problems of human psychology remain the same.”

About Lee Du Ploy

British, b. 1944, Malawi, based in Hong Kong