Lee Essex Doyle, ‘Pink and Green Mirror with Shells’, 2013, Childs Gallery

About Lee Essex Doyle

Lee Essex Doyle’s paintings showcase the energy and essence of places and people through alternative perspectives, presenting intentionally semi-obstructed scenes. Influenced by her childhood in Zimbabwe and her travels across India and Africa, Doyle sees painting as a means of fixing impressions of feeling, thought, and longing by using color and light as binding materials. Doyle works with watercolor, ink, charcoal, graphite, and pastels to create painterly scenes that seem to radiate light and flicker with energy. Her “Illuminated Moments” series, which features architectural structures from Venice, Italy, and Habana, Cuba, displays Doyle’s ability to highlight patterns and colors to forge a strong sense of place using only minor details.

American, b. 1968, New York, New York