Lee Jeonglok, ‘Nabi 128’, 2016, Pontone Gallery

About Lee Jeonglok

Lee Jeonglok explores the diversity and spirit of the Korean landscape and national identity with nonspecific, dream-like photographs that reveal the invisible yet essential elements of a scene. Created using long-exposure photography and both natural and artificial light, the “Tree of Life” series features seemingly bioluminescent trees, which appear to illuminate the hidden vitality of the natural world. The “Decoding Scape” series positions the phonetic letters of the Korean Hangul alphabet as hieroglyphs; they are meant to be contemplated and unraveled to uncover the meaning of nature and the Korean spirit. By melding the natural with the artificial, and the organic with the geometric, Lee visualizes the powerful yet imperceptible forces around us.

Korean, b. 1971, Gwangju, South Korea