Lee Kwan Woo, ‘Condensation (Abstract 3)’, 2013, Lilac Gallery

Lee Kwan Woo was born in 1969 in Gwacheon, South Korea. Having grown up near the city center of Seoul, Lee Kwan Woo has lived near a cultural intersection of the world. While studying art at Kwandong University, the artist majored in Western Painting and subsequently had several shows. Each mixed media painting commemorates a lost technology; in this case the hand stamp, and therefore leaves the authentic, rustic nature of these found objects intact. His work has been featured internationally, in art fairs around the world, in cities such as Seoul, Peking, New York and Paris. Lilac Gallery is one of the first galleries in the United States to be representing his work. By bringing the many into one, yet never losing the shining clarity of each individual, artist Kwan Woo makes a statement that goes beyond art and speaks directly to his view of life. Lee is a talented Korean artist who combines ancient tools and contemporary vision to create complex works of art that carry many layers of meaning.

Signature: Signed on verso

Image rights: Lilac Gallery Ltd.

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