Lee Mingwei, ‘The NuWa Project’, 2005, Jane Lombard Gallery

About Lee Mingwei

Attuned to the transience of life and the preciousness of human connections, Lee Mingwei creates participatory mixed-media installations that catalyze introspection and interconnection. Time and process are integral to his work, which always requires others. His projects include intimate scenarios in which he converses with individuals through such fundamental acts as sharing a meal or taking a walk, played out in gallery spaces; and constructed environments offering visitors opportunities to write a letter, take a flower, or smash a ceramic vessel. For Lee, materials serve as the vehicle for his real work: bringing strangers together for shared experiences they may carry with them for a lifetime. In his words: “I always tell my participant […] now you own an original Lee Mingwei […] it is really more about using your life, and time and senses to own this piece.”

Taiwanese, b. 1964, based in New York, New York