Leigh Ledare, ‘Double Bind’, 2012, mfc - michèle didier
Leigh Ledare, ‘Double Bind’, 2012, mfc - michèle didier
Leigh Ledare, ‘Double Bind’, 2012, mfc - michèle didier
Leigh Ledare, ‘Double Bind’, 2012, mfc - michèle didier

Double Bind is built based on a protocol established by the artist Leigh Ledare. He organized two three-day work sessions, two months apart. The first session documents the encounter between the artist and his ex- wife, Meghan Ledare-Fedderly, in a hotel room in New York’s countryside. For the second session, Meghan returned to the same place with her current husband, the photographer Adam Fedderly.

During these two sessions, 742 photographs were taken by Leigh Ledare and Adam Fedderly and trace the course of the days, reflecting the couple’s intimacy from each husband’s perspective. This process gives rise to two series of black and white silver-based photographs with Meghan as the sole model. The two subjective archives resulting from the photo shoots provide the basis of this project and evoke an ontological and phenomenological comparison of the subject, seen through the circumstances of the two relationships: on one hand, the potential of the newlyweds’ partnership; on the other a relationship doomed to impossibility.

Volume 1: Husbands presents all the photographs of Meghan Ledare-Fedderly shot by Leigh Ledare and Adam Fedderly. Both series face each other, with each page mirrored in each spread.

Volume 2 : Diptychs consists of assembled collages and is also based on the duality between the husbands. It goes back to the original principle of the projects presentation: a white background for Adam Fedderly and a black one for Leigh Ledare. Ten original photographs of Meghan, inserted between the pages, complete the volume.

Volume 3: Ephemeras proposes a third series of images in six magazines, each consisting of 80 pages. They visually reconstitute a series of ephemeras accumulated on a pile, essential clues to understand the artist’s work. The 480 ephemeras represent only partially the iconography the artist has collected over time. Gathered from magazines and other printed sources, these additional images play an analytical role and create meaning from a shared body of representation.

Signature: Certificate signed and numbered by the artist

Image rights: ©2012 Leigh Ledare and mfc-michèle didier

Produced and published in 2012 by mfc-michèle didier

About Leigh Ledare

Leigh Ledare’s photography is deeply personal and biographical—sometimes disturbingly so. Ledare’s mother, a former dancer and model later turned escort, is his most frequent subject. Over the course of eight years, the artist has taken photographs of his mother and revealed her vulnerability, psychological states, deteriorating health, and eroticism in explicit situations. These photographs were the source of a series of photo-collages, videos, installations, and mixed-media drawings, sometimes accompanied by his mother’s handwritten notes. Ledare also turns the camera on himself; in the “Personal Commissions” series (2008), he responded to personal ads from women, and paid them to direct and photograph him in their apartments. He considers these portraits of the women, even though they do not appear in the images.

American, b. 1976, Seattle, Washington, based in New York, New York

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The 2017 Whitney Biennial
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