Lensvelt, ‘No. 49 Job Office Desk’, 2014, Chamber
Lensvelt, ‘No. 49 Job Office Desk’, 2014, Chamber

This clean, elegant, white desk designed by Studio Job and Lensvelt, decorated with a single nose, appeals to ones humour and senses. In the standard serial version, the nose is made of die-casted aluminium, plated with gold-coloured chrome. For Chamber, it has been specially cast in bronze and signed 'JOB 14 CH'.
A prosthesis usually reveals a break and so, as you put two fingers up the nose to pull open a drawer, the desk gives the impression that it is falling apart. The desk, produced in Germany, is actually very robust. You soon learn that it is the designers who are pulling you by the nose by cleverly creating a Trompe L'oeil - an optical illusion - within the structure.

Image rights: Loek Blonk

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Based in Antwerp and the Netherlands, Studio Job, a design duo founded over a decade ago by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, produces one-off pieces of sculptural furniture that share little with the reigning aesthetic of minimalism and spareness. Their cast bronze works—tables whose surfaces are models of inverted cathedrals, lamps shaped like the Eiffel Tower—are laser cut for minute detailing and exquisite surface texture. Often described as “neo-gothic,” Studio Job’s pieces are fanciful without being kitschy.