Léo Caillard, ‘Sous le Musée - La Salle Romantique’, 2013, VICTORI+MO CONTEMPORARY

Through a multi-layered process of traditional digital photography and exhaustive fine-toothed CGI manipulations, Caillard deconstructs and recreates the interior architecture of the Louvre museum into an apocalyptic playground of visual stimulation. Sous le Musée is an allegorical rendition of a renaissance where raw matter boldly reclaims its rights over the historical architecture and design which it bore. The geometric variations of Caillard’s structure refer to the myriad formations of the earthly elements which house our human existence, and furthermore represent the monumental forms of past civilizations which have for centuries provided us with visual definition of man’s greatest creations.

Series: Sous le Musée (Beneath the Museum)

About Léo Caillard

Léo Caillard’s artwork seeks to reconsider the experience of viewing images in an over-saturated media environment. “We see thousands of different pictures every day...People start to lose the ability to reflect on what they are looking at,” he once said. The artist manipulates photographs to alter viewers’ perceptions and activate new ways of looking. In his “In Museum” series, he features museum-goers in the Louvre, but shifts the scenario such that the artwork appears to be viewed through an Apple interface. In other works, classical sculptures are re-imagined and edited so as to be wearing contemporary clothing. Similarly, in his “War Games” series, he depicts urban business districts, but with the machinery of war—tanks, fighter jets, naval ships—edited into the landscape, revealing the complicity between war and commercial enterprise.

French, b. 1985, Paris, France, based in Paris, France