Leon Kossoff, ‘Train by Night no. 2’, 1990, L.A. Louver

About Leon Kossoff

Leon Kossoff is one of Britain’s greatest living artists, best known for his impastoed figurative and cityscape paintings and his heavy emphasis on drawing, both as a medium itself and as an intrinsic part of his painting process. Alongside his friend Frank Auerbach, Kossoff developed an extremely visceral, expressive mode of capturing post-war London, in both rough in-situ drawings and heavily reworked paintings. Kossoff’s more recent work is lighter in subject matter and palette, abandoning the dark urban grays and browns for a brighter range of colors. In 2002-08, he turned his attention to the cherry tree in his yard, painting it throughout the seasons with thick strokes of paint, resulting in a celebration of life.

British, b. 1926, Islington, United Kingdom

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