Leon Smith, ‘Equals Blue’, 2015, Carrie Haddad Gallery

Born in Australia, it is Leon Smith's sense of humor and that of his wife, Elaine, that are at the epicenter of his playful designs and titles. Riffing on simple, abstract shapes gives him the freedom to discover new forms and ideas.

Artist Statement:
Why I construct sculptures is somewhat of a mystery to me. I suspect, in some ways, it is a continuation of childhood play, where invention, improvisation and often a sense of mischief, are a key. The simple abstract shapes that I choose to work with give me the greatest freedom to manipulate and discover new forms without being bound by specific representational imagery.

The opposing qualities of form are what engage me most. Balance vs. precariousness, stability vs. movement, and the organic vs. the inorganic. I play with these elements until another dimension appears and until the form is pleasing to me. I'm partial to the double take, the paradox, but only if the work's formal qualities con sustain interest and delight over a long period of time."

Image rights: Carrie Haddad Gallery

About Leon Smith

Australian, b. 1933, Queensland, Australia, based in Ancramdale, NY, United States