Leslie Holt, ‘Unspeakable (Crying Woman 2)’, 2016, David Lusk Gallery

Image rights: courtesy of David Lusk Gallery

About Leslie Holt

Best known for her “Hello Masterpiece” series, Leslie Holt specializes in paintings whose overall effect is humorous but which are grounded in a commentary on commercialism, pop culture, and socioeconomic divides. Favoring a painterly, baroque-inspired technique, Holt puts a twist on familiar imagery, both appropriating and reinterpreting existing artworks. Her “Hello Masterpiece” series, for example, reproduces celebrated artworks with the figure of Hello Kitty inserted into the scene, using the cartoon cat as a stand-in for a person, effectively commodifying the masterpiece. Similarly, Holt’s “Spills and Pills” series juxtaposes psychiatric drugs with childhood iconography to address the widespread use of medications, and to call attention to oft-concealed mental illnesses.

American , b. 1969, Maryland, based in Washington, D.C.