Letha Wilson, ‘Glacier Sky (Back to Back)’, 2016, Light Work

*Please Note: The illustration depicts the ‘front’ side of the print edition on the left and the ‘reverse’ side of the print edition on the right.

Letha Wilson's mixed-media work begins as an exploration into our understanding of landscape, and her piece "Glacier Sky (Back to Back)" is no exception. Wilson adhered the backs of two prints together and then hand-altered the piece by cutting and folding an opening in the center, transforming it into a three-dimensional sculpture that can be displayed with either image facing outwards. Collectors may purchase two prints to display as a diptych.

About Letha Wilson

Turning flat images into sculptural objects, Letha Wilson’s photographs in relief and site-specific installations draw attention to the relationship between architecture and nature. Shots of American landscapes—reddish canyons, the ocean, lush vegetation—are cut and folded like an accordion into wall-hung pieces whose cavities and slashes possess the physicality of Gordon Matta-Clark’s or Lucio Fontana’s interventions. With layers of concrete or bases of cement, Wilson’s works are a manmade contrast to the natural subjects of her prints, while their final textures also refer back to natural terrains.

American, b. 1976, Honolulu, Hawaii, based in Brooklyn, New York