Leung Chi Wo, ‘Before Sunrise’, 2014, Blindspot Gallery

Before Sunrise, is a set of 6 photographs that documents the artist’s response to Yoko Ono’s performance Morning Peace. Commissioned by MOMA and organised by M+ Museum, Morning Peace is 24-hour durational piece across 8 different cities globally to “celebrate the mornings of past, future, and now”. Set to the accompaniment of Im Abendrot (At Sunset), one of the Four Last Songs Richard Strauss wrote before his death, Leung Chi Wo and attending audience in Hong Kong witnessed together the twilight of sunrise.

About Leung Chi Wo

Leung Chi Wo’s is a self-described artist of “photography, sculpture, craftswork, food, performance, furniture, installation, video,” all of which become ways that Leung looks at ethnic identity and history, at both local and global scales. Leung, who studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and co-founded the artist space Para/Site in 1996, is particularly interested in the identity and politics of Hong Kong after its return to China. Some pieces make use of text in both English and Chinese, or engage with local inhabitants and sites. Leung conversely looks at the effects of globalization and global consumerism on cultures around the world. In 2007, Leung completed a series of paintings on canvas featuring western logos, brands, and celebrity names translated into languages like Arabic, Thai, and Hebrew.

Hong Kong, b. 1968, Hong Kong, based in Hong Kong