Leung Chi Wo, ‘Extremely Recalcitrant’, 2016, Rokeby Gallery

of the hockey team
of the King’s School,
Bruton in England
is mirrored in this
diptych. Sir Michael
D. I. Gass who was
the Acting Governor
of Hong Kong
during the Hong
Kong Riots in 1967,
and the mastermind
of the crackdown of
the riots was
educated at the The
King’s School,
The words
Recalcitrant” is
etched onto the
Plexiglas of either
framed photograph
in a gesture typical
of Leung’s practice.
A comment used by
Magistrate Enoch
Light describing the
fourteen schoolgirls
who were charged
for obstructing
police officers
during the 1967 riot
in Hong Kong. The
girls had been
excluded from the court for being “unruly and disrespectful” (as reported in the South China Morning Post, Nov 18, 1967). Susan Sontag describes
photographs as “a way of imprisoning reality, understood as recalcitrant, inaccessible; of making it stand still…” (On Photography, 1977). The duplicating
of the photographs by Leung and the imposing of the two words illuminates photographs complicated relationship to reality.
One of the imprisoned schoolgirls, Janet Tsang went on to publish (in Chinese) All Round Tactics To Get Into The Best British Schools (2005).

About Leung Chi Wo

Leung Chi Wo’s is a self-described artist of “photography, sculpture, craftswork, food, performance, furniture, installation, video,” all of which become ways that Leung looks at ethnic identity and history, at both local and global scales. Leung, who studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and co-founded the artist space Para/Site in 1996, is particularly interested in the identity and politics of Hong Kong after its return to China. Some pieces make use of text in both English and Chinese, or engage with local inhabitants and sites. Leung conversely looks at the effects of globalization and global consumerism on cultures around the world. In 2007, Leung completed a series of paintings on canvas featuring western logos, brands, and celebrity names translated into languages like Arabic, Thai, and Hebrew.

Hong Kong, b. 1968, Hong Kong, based in Hong Kong