Lex Pott, ‘Fragments Dining Table Round Mountain’, 2015, The Future Perfect

Series: One-of-a-kind, Fragment Series

The Netherlands

About Lex Pott

Product designer Lex Pott takes an intuitive approach to inventing new design languages out of historical precedents. His work ranges from the monumental—a columnar coffee table cut from a single piece of hard stone—to the petite—spring scissors based on Asian craft technique—and is often composed according to contrasts. Jagged pieces of rock intercept smooth stone plates in the “Fragments” table series, for example, and metallic rust meets highly polished chromatic surfaces in the “True Colours” vases and shelves. For the “Transience Mirrors” (2015), Pott experiments with the oxidation process to create gradients of color through the application of sulphur to silver, while “Reflections” (2013) features mirrors and marbles that mimic the appearance of an open book and bring out symmetrical patterns in the stone.