Li Gang, ‘Ripe Fruit’, 2015, Galerie Forsblom

About Li Gang

Building on his training in traditional painting methods, Li Gang produces conceptually driven paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media objects. His work is characterized by its subtlety and by his sensitivity to materials and their visual and cultural resonances. In a series of large-scale oil paintings on thickly woven canvas, for example, he presents magnified details of canonical paintings, rendered almost entirely abstract and barely recognizable. He has also attempted to capture time itself in a suite of delicate pencil-on-canvas drawings of the changing patterns of shadows on a section of a wall. For his sculptures and objects, Li utilizes both natural and man-made materials. He once polished the surface of a manhole cover to reveal a patch of smooth, reflective silver, resulting in a mirror that brings viewers themselves into his beguiling, elegant art.

Chinese, b. 1986, Puning, Jieyang, Guangdong, China, based in Beijing, China