Li Lihong, ‘APPLE’S CHINA ’, Galerie Vivendi

About Li Lihong

Contemporary sculptor Li Lihong was born in Jingdezhen, a leading producer of Chinese porcelain that was once the center for royally commissioned ceramics. Li graduated from the China Central Academy of Art and Design in Beijing and trained with master of ceramics Qin Xiling. His style fuses these influences in work characterized by both conceptual rigor and traditional earthenware techniques. Notable among the range of porcelain works that Li produces are three-dimensional renderings of recognizable Western logos, glazed with Chinese motifs. His arsenal of iconography has included Coca-Cola bottles, Disney’s Mickey Mouse ears, the Nike swoosh, Apple’s bitten apple, and the McDonald’s logo. These works reflect Li’s upbringing in China following the Cultural Revolution, with the influx of American products and brands into the country.

Chinese, b. 1974, Jiangxi Province, China, based in Songjiang Xincheng, China