Lia Halloran, ‘Andromeda’, 2017, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

Framed in museum quality white frame with UV plexi, overall dimensions are 48 x 48 inches.

About Lia Halloran

Lia Halloran’s kaleidoscopic, swirling paint application is the result of studiously documented experiments on how her materials react and behave. This process is inspired by Halloran’s ongoing interest in nature and science—particularly physics, which has influenced her work for over a decade. Her studio is filled with geodes and crystals and books on minerals and caves. Her paintings’ subjects, accordingly, resemble crystalline structures comingled with human figures, sometimes based on her friends. Her practice also includes photography and performance, which come together in her ongoing “Dark Skate” series. These long exposure photographs are made with the aid of someone on a skateboard weaving through parts of U.S. cities while carrying a light source. The final works are records of human movement in relation to architectural space.

American, b. 1977, Chicago, IL, United States, based in Los Angeles, CA, United States