Liam Gillick, ‘1963 Herman Kahn and projection’, 2012, Alfonso Artiaco

Liam Gillick, Four propositions six structures, Galleria Alfonso Artiaco, Napoli, November 2012

Galleria Alfonso Artiaco, Napoli

About Liam Gillick

Young British Artist Liam Gillick is primarily interested in analyzing structures, social organizations, and human interaction. Using mass-produced materials, such as aluminum, chipboard, and Plexiglas, Gillick creates modular objects that he arranges in site-specific installations to explore how evidence of our social, political, and economic systems are embedded in the built environment. An early practitioner of Relational Aesthetics, Gillick's cross-disciplinary practice also comprises music composition, writing, and curatorial projects.

British, b. 1964, Aylesbury, United Kingdom, based in New York, New York