Liam Gillick, ‘A Fragment of Future History (Black)’, GEMS AND LADDERS

The title of Gillick’s edition is inspired by Gabriel Tarde’s ‘Underground Man’, which describes a post-apocalyptic society that has retreated underground and devotes itself to philosophy and art – unencumbered by work and labour, no longer in need of leisure and consequently operating beyond time. A Fragment of FUTURE History (Black) is a heavy bracelet made entirely of black rhodium plated gold; its finish is matt and dark. The shape is similar to a watch and the metal is a comparable weight, but it communicates even less. Within the bezel the face has an impressed pattern akin to the appearance of leather, though hard, unlike leather’s softness. The face is slightly rounded, inviting to the touch and, with abrasion, the black coating should slowly wear off, offering glints of yellow gold beneath and a hint of value that emerges over time.

About Liam Gillick

Young British Artist Liam Gillick is primarily interested in analyzing structures, social organizations, and human interaction. Using mass-produced materials, such as aluminum, chipboard, and Plexiglas, Gillick creates modular objects that he arranges in site-specific installations to explore how evidence of our social, political, and economic systems are embedded in the built environment. An early practitioner of Relational Aesthetics, Gillick's cross-disciplinary practice also comprises music composition, writing, and curatorial projects.

British, b. 1964, Aylesbury, United Kingdom, based in New York, New York