Liam Gillick, ‘Developmental’, 2008, Casey Kaplan

4 elements, each:
11.8 x 47.3 x 3.2” / 30 x 120 x 8cm;
Installed dimensions: 58.5 x 47.25” / 148.6 x 120cm

About Liam Gillick

Young British Artist Liam Gillick is primarily interested in analyzing structures, social organizations, and human interaction. Using mass-produced materials, such as aluminum, chipboard, and Plexiglas, Gillick creates modular objects that he arranges in site-specific installations to explore how evidence of our social, political, and economic systems are embedded in the built environment. An early practitioner of Relational Aesthetics, Gillick's cross-disciplinary practice also comprises music composition, writing, and curatorial projects.

British, b. 1964, Aylesbury, United Kingdom, based in New York, New York