Liang Wei, ‘Without Hesitation ’, 2017, Magician Space

Image rights: courtesy the artist and Magician Space

About Liang Wei

Through the controlled chaos of her paintings and the multilayered narratives in her videos, Liang Wei conveys the contrast between our inner selves and the outer world—of social mores, regulations, commercialism, and urban development. In her words: “The grand narrative constructs our exterior context, while our internal processes are concealed by caution, and thus appear only through conditions of nebulous obscurity.” Liang depicts conditions of “nebulous obscurity”, when our thoughts and feelings merge with and become altered by our surroundings. In her painting, New Machine (2007), she fills the canvas with a riot of industrial parts set against a background of rays that push them into the viewer’s space. Nothing coheres. The machine seems both aggressive and inoperable—a reflection of the effect of industrialization on the mind and heart.

Chinese, b. 1966, China, based in Beijing, China

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