Liang Yue 梁玥, ‘Head’, 2008, ShanghART

About Liang Yue 梁玥

With a certain detachment, photographer Liang Yue sets out to capture Shanghai in a state of transformation. Rather than focusing on the booming construction and energetic confusion that have become its hallmarks, she seeks out quiet moments. In one series, a part of her “Several Dusks” project (2003), Liang photographed empty streets during sandstorms, when gray-yellow sand mixes with atmospheric pollution to render the city nearly monochromatic and seemingly timeless. Advising viewers to neither focus on colors and composition nor attempt to discern the locations she shoots, she says of her work: “ It is only a dusk, some people, pale, passing by.”

Chinese, b. 1979, Shanghai, China, based in Shanghai, China