Liat Yossifor, ‘Notes (Figure III)’, 2015, Miles McEnery Gallery

About Liat Yossifor

Liat Yossifor makes painterly abstractions that recall the work of Leon Kossoff, Cy Twombly, and Lee Krasner. Using a limited palette of neutral grays and whites with a few dashes of color, Yossifor’s gestural brushstrokes explore the tension between figure and ground, action and repose, mark and symbol. Although abstract, her work often evokes the figure as her brushstrokes flit restlessly across the canvas. More recently, Yossifor has ventured into landscape painting, producing the “Tender Among Us” series (2007) that depicted semi-abstract scenes of dark, war-ravaged vistas.

Israeli, b. 1974, based in Los Angeles, California