Liew Kwai Fei, ‘Untitled (from Shape, Color Quantity, Scale Exhibition’, 2010, Richard Koh Fine Art

About Liew Kwai Fei

Though Liew Kwai Fei studied traditional ink painting at the Malaysia Art Institute, he feels an affinity with western modernism, and turns to artists like Barnett Newman, Ad Reinhardt, and Mark Rothko for inspiration in producing his abstract and rhythmic works. Liew has made conceptual process-based and performative pieces in a variety of media including installation and drawing, though he is recognized best for his paintings. His practice is known for the specific sets of instructions, which he calls algorithms, by which he produces his “doing-oriented” pieces; among these protocols, he has one for producing ink drawings, and another for producing monochromatic paintings.

Malaysian, b. 1979, Kuantan, Malaysia

Group Shows

Valentine Willie Fine Art, 
Selected Works by Liew Kwai Fei & Raymond Yap