Lili Almog, ‘Looking Through the Window, Bethlehem’, 2004, Jacob Babchuk Gallery

In Perfect Intimacy, Almog work excerpts the charism of cloistered nuns from the Carmelite Order.The photographs reveal the intimacy within the dedicated women and the artist contemplation of seeking and observing the spiritual perfection of inner peace.

Series: Perfect Intimacy

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Image rights: Lili Almog

Lili Almog

About Lili Almog

Raised in a matriarchal home, Lili Almog has built a celebrated photography career, focusing her lens primarily on women and, more recently, on the traces of human presence in America’s post-industrial landscapes. She began her career in the mid-1980s as a photojournalist, working on fashion shoots and portraiture, and documenting New York’s edgy nightlife in candid black-and-white images. By the early 1990s, she was concentrating on her own projects, which have taken her into women’s bedrooms, Carmelite nunneries in Israel and America, and rural China, where she sensitively captured women in moments of intimacy and introspection. “My intention…is to enter an extremely private space without disrupting the delicate essence of communication between subject, their experience, and the viewer,” Almog has said. “I wish to move beyond documentation…so that people may speak their stories to me.”

Israeli, b. 1961, based in New York City, NY, USA

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Waterfall Mansion and Gallery, 
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