Lili Dujourie, ‘Untitled’, 1968, Micheline Szwajcer

About Lili Dujourie

Lili Dujourie’s work explores the relationship between nature, culture, and the decorative arts. Dujourie has worked primarily with sculpture since the 1980s, making small clay objects that represent organic shapes such as bones and leaves. Her “Maelstrom” series (2009-10) consists of larger, amorphous works of curved iron, displayed directly on the floor. Named for a powerful tidal current near Norway, the works conjure the energy of waves, drawing parallels between the uncontrollable waters and the equally unconstrained flow of mass media.

Belgian, b. 1941, Roeselare, Belgium, based in Ghent, Belgium

Solo Shows

Lili Dujourie - Jeux de dames

Group Shows

Galerie Michael Janssen at Art Brussels 2012