Liliana Porter, ‘To See It’, 2015,  Beatriz Gil Galería
Liliana Porter, ‘To See It’, 2015,  Beatriz Gil Galería

Figura de Resina pintada, Cubo blanco de Madera, instalación en la pared

Signature: Obra Firmada

Manufacturer: Taller del artista

Expuesto en el Museo de Arte de Auckland, exposición: un espacio de sueño, mayo 7 a septiembre 25, 2016


About Liliana Porter

Liliana Porter produces prints, drawings, paintings, photography, video works, and installations that dabble in the absurd. Porter juxtaposes figurines of popular cultural icons, children’s toys, and other kitsch objects in surreal compositions, so that unlikely relationships emerge—to unsettling or fantastical effect. In her photograph Dialogue with Penguin (1999), for example, a toy penguin converses with a bust of Christ. Porter cites René Magritte as a major influence, and her works reveal a sense of wry humor that reflects that of the famous Belgian Surrealist.

Argentinean, b. 1941, Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in New York, New York

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SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah College of Art and Design, 
Savannah, GA, United States,
Liliana Porter
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