Liliane Tomasko, ‘Light. Heaving’, 2013, PIFO Gallery

About Liliane Tomasko

Liliane Tomasko begins her process by taking close-up Polaroid photographs of prosaic objects and settings such as bed sheets, clothes, doorways, and linens. She then paints the photos, cropping the frames and obscuring the images by merging colors to create abstract, illusive patterns. The unmade bed is a common motif in Tomasko’s work. “They’re empty beds, but they bear traces of human activity, so they’re very suggestive. However, to me the bed is also a portal to another reality,” the artist explains. Applying impastoed layers of oil paint to linen, Tomasko uses the absence of light to create a sense of claustrophobic surrealism.

Swiss, b. 1967, Zurich, Switzerland, based in London, United Kingdom