Lilivet Peña Echemendía, ‘The Island’, 2008, Gateway Art Center NYC

Confessions series. By the artist.
It dazzles to be a process of introspection, where the character dialogues directly with the spectator, it becomes a sui generis form of the interlocutor-receiver communication, this mediator is a joker. Are not these beings a game with the self-portrait, the intention to extrapolate to other bodies, to live a dreamed life, a reference to the references to the first acts of body art? It is a point of contact with literature, through a naive representation that dialogues with existential problems. The concern for the environment, the question about our relationship with life and the responsibilities forgotten or segregated by the technological highways, recreates it from the reflection and analysis of the behaviors of the human being.

About Lilivet Peña Echemendía

Cuban, Camaguey, Cuba, based in Camaguey, Cuba