Liliya Lifanova, ‘Untitled (rolled filter paper, red and black)’, 2011, Jill Newhouse Gallery

Signature: Signed on verso

About Liliya Lifanova

“My work is a struggle for abstraction,” says multimedia artist Liliya Lifanova. “After a period of unavoidable and essential nostalgia that allowed me to see my own ‘origin,’ I am now interested in the uncertain, non-lingual, and in the persistence of patterns, variants, and symmetries.” Lifanova was born and raised in the former U.S.S.R., and in her work—which spans painting, installation, video, and performance—she has explored concepts of identity, displacement, and cultural memory in relationship to doomed political systems. Since 2006, much of her work has included carefully rolled forms made from discarded material, which she arranges into grid-like patterns in an effort to transcend representation.

American, b. 1983