Lim Soosik [임수식], ‘Chaekgado389’, 2017, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

‘Chaekgado’ is one form of paintings in the late Joseon period, which depicts scholars’ books and belongings such as writing tools and pottery placed on bookshelves. It shows the aspects of the time that encourages devotion to learning. Lim began the chaekgado series, taking photograph of his own bookself, based on the point that personal bookshelves could become humanistic portraiture. The recent Chaekgado389 is produced in the form of folding screen and it is in extension to his Chaekgado series as it pays attention to the purpose and the historicity of Deokhongjeon. As he launched this work, Lim was curious whether Emperor Gojong had a chaekgado in his office and if he did he wondered what kind of books the emperor had and also imagined that he might have kept a photograph of his most beloved daughter, Princess Deokhye. Afterwards, Lim also visited various scholars who study architecture, arts etc. of the Korean modern era and the Korean Empire. Then he took photographs of each one of these scholars’ study, combines and disassembles them with various images and texts he collected and researched on the Korean Empire and introduces a recomposed image as a photograph.

About Lim Soosik [임수식]