Lina Iris Viktor, ‘Recall, the Gold sifted from dirt... No IX (The Dark Continent Series)’, 2016, Mariane Ibrahim Gallery

About Lina Iris Viktor

Lina Iris Viktor is a contemporary British-Liberian artist who uses a palette of blue, black, white, and 24-karat gold to create an imagined world of sumptuous minimalism in performances, site-specific installations, sculpture, and paintings. Viktor’s distinctive and technically complex style juxtaposes intricate patterns in dazzling gold leaf and powerful, fantastical self-portraiture. Instead of representing absence or void, life springs forth from blackness, and the nuanced, intense dark tones take on the uncanny richness and depth of precious metal. Viktor’s work is informed by narratives of cultural heritage and the African diaspora, drawing on an array ancient cosmologies and artistic traditions to explore the historical, social, and material implications of both gold and black.

based in NYC, NY, United States

Solo Shows

New Orleans,
Lina Iris Viktor: A Haven. A Hell. A Dream Deferred.
BLACK EXODUS : Act I - Materia Prima

Group Shows

Bergdorf Goodman, 
New York,
The Artsy Vanguard