Linda Lindroth, ‘Vision’, 2015, Garvey | Simon

This work of art is sold unframed.

Signature: Signed in pencil, verso, Linda Lindroth, Vision, 2015

Image rights: Copyright 2017 Linda Lindroth All rights reserved

Publisher: Linda Lindroth

2017, Linda Lindroth (solo exhibition), Garvey|Simon New York

Lindroth, Linda. Trickster in Flatland. 2016. (exhibition catalog)

Artist to Garvey|Simon New York

About Linda Lindroth

Photographer Linda Lindroth explores the modernist obsession with flatness in her conceptual works. The subjects of her oversized photographic prints are boxes—faded and damaged examples of everyday consumer packaging from the 19th and 20th centuries—which she collects and then dissembles, laying them out flat to be photographed. In the gallery space, the prints, which are mounted like objects in shadow boxes, have the look of three-dimensional objects or of abstract paintings—an association that she freely riffs on in titles like Elegy, Robert and Blinky, works that reference Robert Motherwell’s “Spanish Civil War Paintings” and the work of Blinky Palermo, respectively.

American, b. 1946